We are pleased to announce you that the International Conference "Contemporary Perspectives in Psychology, Education and Teacher Training" - 2nd edition (COPED 2017), will be held in Romania - Brasov, 12-14 october, 2017

The aim of the conference is to bring together a wide audience of experts, policy makers and practitioners in education sciences, applied psychology and teacher training. The suggested topics will offer the possibility of presenting thorough research, fruitful debates and opportunities for interaction among professionals with cross-curricular interests.

Accepted full papers written in English will be published in Bulletin of The Transilvania University of Brasov, Series VII  -  Social Sciences • Law. The Journal is indexed in EBSCO Publishing DataBase, from 2009 in DOAJ, from 2010, in CEEOL, from 2011 and is evaluated by CNCSIS in the category B+ of the scientific magazine. The papers written in Romanian will be published in the conference volume.

• Psychology
• Education Sciences
• Special Psychopedagogy
• Teacher Training
• Social Assistance
• Interdisciplinary Section

Attending the conference
12 euro/50 lei
12 euro/50 lei
BUT publication fee 35 euro/150 lei
Volume publication fee in Romanian language**
50 lei
*participants in the workshop also pay the audience fee
**with ISBN at Transylvania University Publishing House  Accounts details


Transilvania University 
of Brasov, Romania
Ovidius University 
of Constanta, Romania

Institute of Psychological Sciences
of Education and Training, Italy

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