Psychologist, PhD. Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Expert in Psychology Well-Being, Human Sciences and Educational Sciences. From 2016 LEAR I.S.P.E.F representative in Europe for the European Research (Horizon 2020) and for the European Education (Erasmus Plus). From 2005 Legal representative I.S.P.E.F. and E.C.E. into Italian Ministry MIUR - Education, University, Research. His research interest are Teacher Professionalism, Quality of Training, Cognitive Psychology, Relational Psychology, Personality Psychology, Infancy and School Teaching.


Professor at the University of Bucharest, PhD in pedagogy (1971) is Head of Pedagogy Chair of the Faculty of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy. He is general manager in M.E.N., member of several committees and international councils, visiting professor at universities in Europe and North America. Emil Păun is the author of many works and studies focused on didactics and pedagogy.


She is in charge at the University of Macerata, Italy as Associated Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology. Her main themes of investigation are: teachers and educators training; the investigation ofidentity building in a life long perspective; e-learning and e-training; social inclusion of disadvantaged people. She wrote several books, chapters of booksand articles, both at national and international level.

Liliane RIOUX

Professor of Environmental Psychology at Work at Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, France. Member of l'ADRIPS (Association De Recherche de d'Intervention en Psychologie Sociale), l'ARPEnv (Association pour la Recherche en Psychologie Environnementale), PLACE (Association étudiante de Psychologie Environnementale à l'université Université Paris Nanterre), PRIMAL (Paris Research in Norms Management and Law), groupe de reaserche inter-disciplinaire de l'université Université Paris Nanterre. Research topics are: appropriation of workspaces, attachment towork places, comfort at work, pro-environmental behaviors at work.


Associate Professor of the Department of Science and Education of the University of Florence, Italy, Silvia Guetta has as research general pedagogy and social pedagogy, showing a real concern for intercultural education, religious dialogue, Feuerstein approach and methodology in contexts of marginality. In 2015 she is among the winners in pedagogy, awarded by the Italian Society of Pedagogy.


Professor Zbigniew Formella, Salesian and Teacher at UPS since 2002, comes from the north of Poland (Kaszubia). In university research, his studies cover the border between psychology and pedagogy and this is why he is the Chair of Psychology of Education Department at the Institute of Psychology. The Professor is the director of the Bachelor's Degree Management Group. Among the subjects taught here, we can find references to the psychology of interaction, educational relationships, youth discomfort, youth behavioural problems, nonverbal communication, and psycho-pedagogy of research.


Transilvania University 
of Brasov, Romania
Ovidius University 
of Constanta, Romania

Institute of Psychological Sciences
of Education and Training, Italy

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