Conference for Sustainable Energy, CSE, was launched as an international event for promoting renewable energy systems as part of present and future sustainable solutions. Starting with 2005, each edition had a core subject:

  -  CSE 2005 – Sustainable Energy
  -  CSE 2008 – Solar Energy Conversion
  -  CSE 2011 – Sustainable Communities
  -  CSE 2014 – Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

The 5th edition, CSE 2017 is opened to innovative concepts and solutions expected for the transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Communities

Conference Chairman:
Prof. dr. eng. Ion VIȘA
Transilvania University of Brasov
Head of the RESREC R&D Centre





1.     R&D Centre Renewable Energy Systems and Recycling, RESREC (

The RESREC centre was founded in 2002 and currently gathers 22 staff members, along with Ph.D. and M.Sc students from the Faculty of Product Design and Environment.

The main research focus is on complex, integrated solutions for the built environment in sustainable communities, by developing renewable energy systems for energy efficient buildings, covering the concept “material-product-technology”. Renewable-based conversion systems are developed, adapted to the implementation location for covering the thermal and electric energy needs in a building, along with novel solutions for wastewater treatment aiming at water re-use, and for using wastes as second raw materials for novel products development.

2.     International Federation for the Science of Machines and Mechanisms, IFToMM;
        Technical Committee: Sustainable Energy Systems

3.     European Sustainable Energy Alliance, ESEIA

4.     Romanian Academy, Renewable Energy Commission

5.     Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences

6.     Green Energy Cluster


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