Core topic: Nearly Zero Energy Community (nZEC) – Energy from the Sun

Presentations are expected to focus on the main conference topics:
  • Topic 1: Nearly zero energy buildings and communities
  • Renewables based energy mixes in sustainable communities: sustainable energy mix design; implementation schemes; energy management; renewables share in the community energy mix; lifecycle assessment of renewables implemented in the built environment;
  • Topic 2: Solar heating and cooling in buildings and communities;
  • Solar-thermal coatings; key-components; solar-thermal systems; architectural integration; tracking; recycling solar-thermal collectors;
  • Topic 3: Solar power in buildings and communities;
  • Photovoltaic novel materials; photovoltaic modules, strings, arrays, platforms, parks; photovoltaics tracking; photovoltaics recycling;
  • Topic 4: Solar energy for water re-use
  • Photocatalytic materials; photocatalytic technologies for water and wastewater treatment; photocatalytic coatings for indoor comfort; photocatalytic equipment;
  • Topic 5: Policies, education and training on sustainability
  • Standards for renewables in the built environment; local policies and strategies; schemes for formal, in-formal and non-formal education; 

CSE 2017
opens the floor for Thematic workshops (proposals are welcome till March 31, 2017)

New results will be presented in plenary lectures, keynote, oral and poster presentations.


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