Prof. Dr. Habil. Ing.


Contact: Transilvania University of Brasov, Mechanical Engineering Department, Aerodynamics Laboratory

29, B-dul Eroilor, Brasov 500036

Tel: 0040268 412921 ext. 193

E-mail: angel.h@unitbv.ro




-   Fluid Mechanics

-    Fundamentals Aerodynamics



-   Wind Tunnel Testing for Road Vehicles

-   CFD Simulations

-   Nanofluids for Cooling Applications

-   Industrial Applications of Coandă Effect

Charged with the Aerodynamics laboratory of Transilvania University of Brasov



      -  Member of SAE International (Society of Automotive Engineers, USA)

                Member Service Award, 2008, SAE International

      -  Associate member of SAE Road Vehicle Aerodynamics Committee



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      -  "CFD Analysis of the a 3D model ofcar", contract 1033/21.08.2014, SC New Class Automobil Development SRL Bucuresti - SC INAS SA Craiova. 

     -   "Hydraulic study of a Francis Turbine"contract 1029/10.05.2013, SC Hydro-Engineering SA Resita - SC INAS SA Craiova.

     -   "Optimization of the Aerodynamic Devices Used in Automotive Industry", contract PNII IDEI - CNCSIS, ID 758/2008 -Transilvania University of Brasov.

     -   "Studyof the Aerodynamic Interaction Between Cars and Road", contract CEEX-ET CNCSIS, no. 5885/18.09.2006 - Transilvania University of Brasov.

     -   "Numerical and Experimental Methods in Vehicle Aerodynamics", Research Project BD CNCSIS - Transilvania University of Brasov.

     -   "Ground Effect in Design of Vehicles - CFDStudy Concerning the Behaviour of Clark-Y Airfoil in Ground Effect", inthe frame of HPC EUROPA (High Performance Computing) financed by European Commission contract no. RII3-CT-2003-506079, Aerodynamics and Gassdynamics Institute, Stuttgart University, Germany, August – September 2004.

    -   "CFD Analysis concerning Ground effect in Road Vehicle Aerodynamics", contract 33.459/17.07.2002, CNCSIS -Transilvania University of Brasov.


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