The Distance Learning and Part-Time Education Center (DLPTEC) functions within the Transilvania University of Brasov. In the university, all educative activities organized by the Distance Learning technology (DL) and by the Part-Time Education (PTE) develop according to the Regulation for the organization and functioning of DLPTEC from the Transilvania University of Brasov, regulation approved by the Senate of the University in its meeting on the 7th of March 2013.

     The DLPTEC mission is to succeed in coordinating all the Distance Learning activities (DL) and Part-Time Education (PTE) in the University, for the assurance of a quality pedagogic standard, acknowledged in the host university and in the country, and to provide valuable instruction programs both from a scientific and methodic point of view.

          About the Center

          - The Organization and Functioning Regulation
          - DLPTEC Management
          - Activity dynamics between 2012 and 2016

             - Raport activitate CIDIFR 2015-2016
             - Operational Plan 2015-2016
          - Strategic Plan 2013-2017
          - Platforma eLearning 2016

          Educational Offer

          - DL BA Program
          - PTE BA Program
- PTE Master Program
- Professional Retraining Programs


          - List of the necessary documents for the enrollment  
          - Fee for the analysis of the contest file
          - Tuition Fee
          - 2016 Admission Calendar