Effect of Clouds on Solar Irradiance - Objectives

The general objectives of the project are:

  • O1. Collaboration between two main Research Organizations, one in Cyprus and one in Romania.
  • O2. Detection, identification and classification of different types of clouds from the images of the sky based on their designated characteristics.

  • O3. Evaluation and computation of the influence of clouds on the components of solar irradiance.
  • O4. Development of a simulation model to compute the variation of the components of solar irradiance under cloudy conditions.

  • O5. Possibility for future upgrade of the model by integrating the computation of CMV for the forecasting solar irradiance in the short term horizon.


The specific scientific and technological objectives of the project are:

  • O1. Development of a classification algorithm to detect and classify clouds using images from an all sky camera based on the designated cloud characteristics.

  • O2. Development of a computational model to calculate intensity of global, diffuse, DNI and UV irradiance under cloudy conditions, using as inputs the pictures taken from the all sky camera.

  • O3. Evaluate the developed models based on measurements from two sites, one in Limassol, Cyprus and one in Brasov, Romania.