The beginning and development of higher education in Brasov originate in the old cultural traditions and intense cultural climate of the city. Here the well known technical and scientific engineering activity, the artistic creation in the fields of folkloric literature and culture, as well as the intensive studies in the numerous schools of all levels, blend in perfect harmony.

Istoricul Universitatii TRANSILVANIA din Brasov -Corpul S
Among the most important landmarks of the beginning and development of this cultural centre we mention the first Romanian School from Scheii Brasovului set up five centuries ago, the first printings in Romanian of Deacon Coresi, Johannes Honterus German School, the activity of keeping the national spirit alive led by the well known man of letters George Baritiu and Transilvania Newspaper he founded, Astra cultural association having a leading role in shaping our national consciousness, the first Romanian school of trade as well as the contributions of some personalities such as Andrei Muresanu, Gheorghe Dima, Iacob Muresanu, Octavian Goga, St O Iosif, Sextil Puscariu, Valeriu Braniste, Tiberiu Bradiceanu, Ilie Cristea and others.

 Short history of Transilvania University of Brasov
1940 The bases of the higher education in Brasov were laid as part of the Academy of Trade and Industrial Studies.
1948 The Silviculture Institute is set up.
1949 The Mechanical Institute is set up
1953 The Silviculture Institute, which became the Forestry Institute, merges with the Mechanical Institute of Mechanics to form the Polytechnic Institute of Brasov.
1959 The Faculty of Wood Industry is set up within the Polytechnic Institute.
1960 The Pedagogical Institute is set up (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and subsequently, in 1969, the Department of Music).
1964 The Department of the Manufacturing Technologies is set up within the Polytechnic Institute.
1971 The University of Brasov is born through the merger of the Polytechnic and Pedagogical Institutes.
1991 Following the recommendation of the University of Brasov’s Senate, the new name of the university becomes University of Transilvania Brasov, by the government decision of 4.01.1991 and order of the Minister of Education and Science no. 4894/ 22.03.1991.