Transilvania University of Brasov is an accredited state higher-education institution established by Decree no.175/1984 and Ministerial Decision no.263327/1948 under the name The Silviculture Institute of Brasov. The institution acquired its current name following Order no. 4894/23.03.1991 of the Minister of Education and Science.

Transilvania University of Brasov aims at training highly qualified specialists in the fields of fundamental sciences, technology, economics, law, sociology, arts and medical science as well as at providing knowledge and services for society. Thus, Transilvania University ensures and develops the resources and instruments necessary for educational and scientific research processes at a level which meets the requirements of The European Space for Higher Education and Research as defined by The Bologna, Copenhagen and Lisbon Declarations and promoted by The National Strategy for Higher Education in Romania.

For achieving this mission, The Strategic Plan of the University for 2008-2012 comprises a set of strategic objectives which includes annually formulated operational objectives:

Strategic Objective 1: Ensure the quality of the activities performed in the University with a view to meeting the standards of international accreditation;

Strategic Objective 2:  Develop the framework, resources and instruments necessary for achieving the transfer of knowledge in the academic environment;

Strategic Objective 3: Consolidate Transilvania University of Brasov as a prestigious academic institution in the field of scientific research;

Strategic Objective 4:  Use resources and competencies from within the university by transferring knowledge towards the external environment;

Strategic Objective 5: Ensure the necessary academic environment for the activities performed within the university;

Strategic Objective 6: Develop the institutional management framework necessary for achieving the objectives envisaged, by means of an active partnership with students.