Public Information

In order to achieve its objectives, Transilvania University of Brasov, as an institution of higher education, in addition to the principles stated in its Charter promotes the principle of transparency and access to information of public interest.

As stipulated in the Constitution, free and unrestricted access of persons to information of public interest is one of the fundamental principles underlying the relationships of persons and public institutions.

The University communicates certain information ex officio,pursuant to Law 544/2001 regarding free access to information of public interest. Such information can be accessed directly on the University website. 


National documents

- Law on Free Access to Information of Public Interest
- Statute of Teaching Staff
- Law on the Structure of Academic Studies
- Government Decision on the structure of higher education institutions and accredited or temporarily authorized graduate academic specialisms/programs
- Government Decision on the approval of the criteria and standards, as well as of the methodology for assessing and acknowledging the capacity to conduct research and development of institutions whose scope of activity is represented by research and development, and the methodology for accrediting component departments of the research and development system of national interest.

University documents

- Founding deed of Transilvania University of Brasov
- University Charter
University Regulations
Decisions of the Administration Council 
Decisions of the University Senate
- Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016
Operational Plan 2011 – 2012

Other documents

- University Ethics Commission
- University Disciplinary Commission
- Financial Disclosure Statements 2011
- Financial Disclosure Statements 2012

Access to information of public interest

Within Transilvania University access to information of public interest is available at:           
Access to Public Interest Information
Regulations on organization and functioning of the Public Relations Department

Requests for obtaining information of public interest will be filed with the University's Registry or can be sent by e-mail to either address:

Pursuant to Law 544 any written request for information of public interest includes the following elements:
a) the authority the request is addressed to
b) the requested information
c) surname, given names and signature of the applicant, accompanied by the address the requested information should be sent to

Please download and use the following model for requests for information of public interest: model_cerere_informatii publice

Pursuant to Law 544, in cases of the requested information being exempt from free access to information, the applicant will be informed accordingly within 5 days from filing the request with the Public Relations Department.

Public Relations Officers:

Prof. dr. med. Liliana Rogozea
Telephone: 0268-413000, extension 123, 0268-410564; Fax 0268-410564;
Counsellor-at-law Laura Manea
Telephone: 0268-413000, extension 120;