Welcome from the Rector

Abrudan Ioan Vasile

Research at Transilvania University of Brașov represents one of the major pillars of institutional growth and development for the horizon 2014-2020. By integrating human resources development programs, we value and honour the academic tradition of Brașov within already developed research fields, and support the involvement in emerging research areas with high innovation potential.

Our main strengths are given by the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the outstanding potential of human resource and the rich diversity of research areas. Through the smart use of these vectors, we aim at strengthening the interdisciplinary research and at adopting a proactive role in relation with the economic and industrial dynamic environment. All these actions support the direction for growth and development, making Transilvania University of Brasov a strategic partner for companies and a pole of excellence in national and international academic cooperation.

Prof. dr. ing. Ioan Vasile ABRUDANRector

Welcome from the General Manager

Szeles Monica

The Research and Development Institute of Transilvania University of Brasov was developed between 2009 and 2013 within a project financed by European structural funds, national funds and university funds. The 11 buildings of the Institute are designed to be energetically autonomous. They host a modern and complex research infrastructure consisting of integrated lines of high-tech equipment for advanced research in the broad field of sustainable development. Given these endowments, the Institute can conduct large-scale national and international research projects and actively collaborate with the economic, industrial and institutional environment in Brasov, as well. Thereby the Institute fosters the competitiveness of Transilvania University in the international research.

By means of the multi- and interdisciplinary activities of its 29 research centers, the exploitation of the underlying multidisciplinary synergies, as well as by integrating Ph.D. and postdoctoral activities into the high-level research conducted within the research centers, the Institute aims at becoming a major pillar of research, development and innovation in the field of sustainable development.

Prof. dr. Monica Răileanu Szeles

Welcome from the Vice-Rector

Visa Ion

Transilvania University of Brașov integrates research fields that reflect its comprehensive structure, with a balance between the well-established technical domain and the developing socio-human area. We seek to turn the University into a key-resource for regional and national development and we encourage the development of strategic partnerships with the representatives of the economic environment and of the civil society.

Grounding our efforts on the state-of-the-art infrastructure available at the Research and Development Institute, as well as on the dedicated human resource, we are able to meet the requirements of our partners and collaborators: companies, public institutions, non-governmental and associative organizations, universities and national and international research centres. We do support the incremental exploration of cooperation opportunities and, therefore, we are open for cooperation, discussions, presentations or analyses.

Prof. dr. Carmen BUZEA