R&D Centers

The 29 R&D Centres in the Institute give use to the expertise and resources developed through many grants and projects, to develop high level research in the complex concept of Sustainable Development. The Institute supports joint cooperation among the centers, in integrated topics, according to the regional, national and international priority topics.

High Tech Products for Automotives  
Industrial Inormatics and Robotics  
Numerical Simulations, Testing and Mechanics of Composite Materials  
Economic Engineering and Production Systems  
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Systems  
Advanced Welding eco Technologies  
Advanced Technologies and Materials-Ceramics, Metals, and MMC Composites  
Advanced Electrical Systems  
Embedded Systems and Advanced Communications  
Systems for Process Control  
Sustainable Forestry and Wildlife Management  
Forest Engineering, Forest Management and Terrestrial Measurements  
Furniture Eco-Design, Restoration and Certification in Wood Industry  
Inovative Technologies and Advanced Wood Products  
Civil Engineering Design Centre of the Institute  
Eco-Biotehnolgies and Equipment in Food and Agriculture  
Renewable Energy Systems and Recycling  
Advanced Mecatronic Systems  
Mathematic Modelling and Software Products  
Economic Research  
Personal, professional, institutional development and education for a sustainable community  
Life Quality and Human Performance  
Music Science Excellence in Music Performance  
Fundamental Research and Prevention Strategies in Medicine  
Applied Medicine and Interventional Strategies in medical Preactice  
Cultural Innovation and creativity  
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics  
Justice and Constitutional Reform  
Communication and Social Innovation