The Institute was developed through the structural funds project: „RTD Institute: High-tech Products for Sustainable Development” (ID123, SMIS 2637, ctr. No. 11/2009) and a significant contribution of the university.

The construction started on March 1st, 2009 and all the laboratory buildings were finalized (including equipment installation) in October 31st, 2013.

The project was designed, developed and implemented by university teams and allowed obtaining:
- 11 low energy buldings, used as laboratories and as 1:1 testing rigs. One of these, Laboratory L7 is by now a Nearly Zero Energy Building
- 68 integrated lines of high-tech equipment
- 18 integrated design software packages


The first stage proposal of the project “RTD Institute: High Tech Products for Sustainable Development” is formulated.


The full proposal and the Feasibility Study are developed, in joint cooperation with the R&D Centres.


The financing contract of the “RTD Institute: High Tech Products for Sustainable Development” project was signed by March 1, 2009 and the project started to run.


The first stage for developing the 11 buildings of the institute is finalized.


The laboratory buildings are step-wise finalized allowing the start of the legal procedures for equipment purchasing.


As the major part of the new R&D equipment is purchased and the installation specific conditions are known.


The final year of the project was mainly dedicated to finalizing the auction procedures for the R&D equipment and software.

2014, 2015 and beyond

The activity in the R&D Institute follows the specific pattern, according to the international R&D priorities and to the Transilvania University strategy.