Our Offer

The R&D Institute of the Transilvania University was developed aiming at increasing the research competitiveness and visibility of the university and to significantly contribute to the regional, national and international effort for developing new, feasible, market and socially accepted results on Sustainable Development.

Each research center has its specific expertise, detailed presented in the R&I Center section; the offer is addressed to other research entities, to companies, to the social environment and to the young generation and consists of:

  • Joint development of high level research, in cooperation projects according to the national and international R&I priorities.
  • Research and innovation services, quality certification, design and projects development.
  • Education in research oriented study programmes at M.Sc. and Ph. D. levels
  • Training on advanced topics, with tailored curricula according to the customers’ interest, to the existing hardware and software resources and to the expertize of each center.