The activity in the R&D Institute of the Transilvania University gives value to the long tradition of excellence in research, confirmed by many grants and projects developed with national and international funding.

Proiect: Institut de Cercetare Dezvoltare Inovare
Produse High-Tech pentru Dezvoltare Durabila, PRO-DD

The institute supports international grants, developed under the previous FP5, FP6 and FP7 frames and now under H2020. Other internationally funded grants are developed under the Life Natura program, and as bilateral agreements with almost each European country and with countries from Asia and from Central and Northern America.

There are many grants financed by the national R&I National Plan, PNII, for fundamental research (IDEAS), fundamental and applied research in partner consortia involving research entities and companies (COOPERATION) and for human resources development, mainly as projects for launching young research teams.

One dynamic trend is registered in the development of projects financed by companies and different social and societal structures. They insure a permanent link with the end-users of our research results and confirm the role of the Institute in supporting economic growth.