Launched in January 2007, Lifelong Learning Program - LLP has reunited the programs of mobility for study abroad (Erasmus) and practical activity (Leonardo da Vinci).  In Transilvania University these two programs have been under way since 1998. LLP program within the university is coordinated by the Office for Communitary Programmes for Education and Professional Development -BPCDEFP-UTBv.

The program is particularly aiming at encouraging the exchanges, cooperation and mobility among the institutions and educational systems in the European Union so that they can become international reference points.

At the same time, the program focuses on the modernization and adaptation of the educational and professional training systems from participating countries, especially considering the objectives of the Lisbon Agenda, bringing European added value directly to the citizens who are participating in its mobility actions and in other cooperation actions.


Lifelong Learning Program consists of:

·        four sectorial programs, which concern pre-university education (Comenius), higher education (Erasmus), professional training (Leonardo da Vinci) and education for adults (Grundtvig);

·        a transversal program focused on intersectorial fields (cooperation in the area of politics and innovation concerning lifelong learning, foreign languages, using the innovations in the field of information and communication technology, dissemination and implementation of results);

·        a program for supporting teaching, research and reflecting on European integration and the main European institutions and associations (Jean Monnet Program).

Jean Monnet action is open to the higher education institutions and associations from all countries participating in LLP, and also to any other country ("third party"). Participating institutions and associations from third party countries must fulfill all of the obligations and all of the requirements provided in the program decision concerning institutions and associations from member states.


The program is opened to the following countries:

·        the 27 member states of the EU

·        Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway("EFTA-SEE" countries, members of the European Free trade Association– and of the European Economic Area)

·        Turkey, Croatia, The Former Yugoslavian Republicof Macedonia and Switzerland


Pre-university education


Higher education

Leonardo da Vinci

Professional training


Adult education

Transversal program (4 main activities)

1. policy development in the field of education and professional training

2. learning foreign languages

3. using CIT in education

4. dissemination and implementation of results

Jean Monnet Program (3 main activities)

1. Jean Monnet action

2. supporting certain European institutions

3. supporting certain European associations