NEW The Editorial Catalogue of Transilvania University Press for 2017 is available and may be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF file.


For 20 years, Transilvania University Press has been supporting the education process, scientific research and cultural-artistic creation, by editing publications that promote the basic values of knowledge. Transilvania University Press suggests its readership more than 150 titles every year and it is actively involved in establishing valuable connections between the academic environment and the socio-economic and cultural environment al local, national and international level. 

In 2002, Transilvania University of Braşov Press was accredited for all existing university domains by the National Research Council in Higher Education (CNCSIS). 

Acknowledging the contribution of science to the development of national culture, the University Press was reaccredited in 2012 in accordance with the standards submitted by the National Research Council (CNCS) for Arts and Humanities, its editorial products being destined for the national academic environment, with a constant preoccupation to raise the visibility and impact of its editorial products to an international level.