Challenges and Prospects of EU Integration in South Eastern Europe

In the period 5-8 April 2017 the project coordinator Prof. Ileana Tache participated in the International Conference Social Cohesion and Economic Governance organized by LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe, National Bank of Macedonia and University American College Skopje. She presented the paper "Economic growth in South Eastern Europe: An investigation for six EU potential candidates".

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In the period 24-26 January 2017, professors from Ukraine, Chernivtsi Trade and Economics Institute -  Kyiv National Trade and Economics University visited our faculty and Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.


An interesting exchange of experience was realized between the Ukrainian higher institution representatives and Romanian professors regarding teaching methods and possible didactic and research cooperation. The Ukrainian guests were involved in the organization of the seminar Cooperation of education and science in the development of innovative economy: national peculiarities and European trends.


A study visit at European Institutions in Brussels


One of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence activities in the second year consisted of a study visit at the European institutions in Brussels, on 19-20 December 2016.

A group of professors, Ph. D. students, Master and Bachelor students visited the European Parliament and the European Commission.

The visit at the European Parliament brought information regarding the working of the European Parliament presented by Alina Dinu.

The visit at the European Commission included the following events:

- Presentation by Mauro Galluccio:"The role of the European Commission as the political executive of the European Union".

- Presentation by Mauro Galluccio: "The EU Common Foreign and Security Policy:new challenging perspectives".




The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of Transilvania University of Brasov organizes a study visit in Brussels at the European Commission and the European Parliament on 19-20.12.2016.

We offer the university students and master students the possibility to travel to Europe and visit EU institutions, as a practical component of study, in order to supplement academic training and thesis research.

Applications from students engaged in EU-related courses or activities and decided to write a graduate or post-graduate thesis on the topic of European integration are encouraged.

Applications will consist of an intention letter that will be sent tothe following email address:

Deadline: 30.09.2016



A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Special Debate co-hosted with the Brasov City Council – European Integration Department

31 May 2016, Brasov City Council, European Integration Department, Bd-ul Eroilor no. 8, room 160

 Business security environment

in Southeastern Europe

Presentation held by

Professor Mandu Petrisor






 31 March 2016, Brasov, Romania

  Aula of Transilvania University of Brasov, roomUI7



Workshop Programme

Press references



Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, A Building, 3rd floor, Classroom AIII1



External Guests:

 25 October 2017 - OSCAR BAJO-RUBIO, University of Castilla la Mancha, Spain, "The effects of competitiveness on trade balance: The Case of Southern Europe” (Classroom PIII2, 12:00-14:00).

  19 October 2017

       - SIBEL MEHTER AYKIN, Akdeniz University, Turkey:"53 years Pledge for Turkey: Ankara Agreement and Beyond" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom BP1, 12:00-14:00).

       - SAYM ISIK, Akdeniz University, Turkey: "Maastricht Criteria and Turkey" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom BP1, 14:00-16:00).

       - GULDEN BOLUK, Akdeniz University, Turkey: "Interrelationships between foreign direct investments, renewable   energy and CO 2 emissions among different European country groups: A Panel ARDL Approach" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom BP1, 16:00-18:00).

4 November 2016 - Aurelian Leonard Danu, Head of Communication Department of National Liberal Party and Mara Mares, expert in European Public Policies: "Bioeconomy and welfare state indicators in the context of Europe 2020 Strategy" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom BP1, 12:00-16:00).

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25 May 2016 - Associate Professor Gheorghe Ialomițianu, Deputy in the Romanian Parliament, former Minister of Finance in Romanian Government: "Fiscal systems in South-Eastern Europe" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, C Building,  Classroom CP5, 16:00).

17 May 2016 - Associate Professor Liliana Constantinescu, Director Cooperative Bank Unirea Brasov: "Cooperative banks participation in the European Banking Union: the case of South-Eastern Europe" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom BP1, 14:00).

1-8 April 2016 - Professor Paul O'Sullivan, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland: "Irish Experience with EU Structural Funds - a Lesson for South-Eastern Europe".

10 November 2015 - Professor Elzbieta Kawecka-Wyrzykowska, Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration - Warsaw School of Economics, Poland: "Common Trade Policy of the European Union" and "Economic and Monetary Union - a support or a barrier to the Single European Market?" (Str. Colina Universitatii, no. 1, B Building,  Classroom CP2, 13:00).


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Call for Ph. D. Bursaries

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellencelaunches the Call for Ph.D. bursaries in the field of "Challenges and Prospects of EU integration in South-Eastern Europe".

We invite Ph.D. students interested in European affairs and especially in those of South Eastern Europe to apply for a bursary, which can support their participation in international conferences or short research stays abroad.

The applicants must indicate the title of the project, nature and purpose of the mobility (international conference or short stay abroad), detailed budget and the expected scientific publication.

A doctoral bursary is up to 650 euro.

Applications will be sent to the email address until 1.03.2017