Central European Exchange Program for University Studies


CEEPUS Program

(Central European Exchange Program for University Studies)

The Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering from Brasov is part of the CIII-PL-0114-10-1516 CEEPUS Network entitled „New directions for forestry sciences in Central Europe”. The network members are as follows (alphabetically orderedby countries):

  • Faculty of Forestry Sciences - Agricultural University of Tirana, ALBANIA
  • Department of Forest and Soil Sciences - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences -BOKU, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  • Faculty of Forestry - University of Zagreb, CROATIA
  • Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, CZECHREPUBLIC
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences -  Szent István University, Gödöllo (Budapest), HUNGARY
  • Faculty of Forestry – University of West Hungary, Sopron, HUNGARY
  • Faculty of Technical Applied Sciences - University of Prishtina, KOSOVO
  • Faculty of Forestry - Agriculture University of Cracow, POLAND
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Koszalin University of Technology, Koszalin, POLAND
  • Faculty of Forestry -  “Stefan cel Mare” Universityof Suceava, ROMANIA
  • Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering - “Transilvania” University of Brasov,ROMANIA
  • Faculty of Forestry - Technical University in Zvolen, SLOVAKIA
  • Biotechnical Faculty - University of Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

„New directions for forestry sciences in Central Europe” – Main Goals

  • strengthen the cooperation between the universities;
  • givet he possibility to students for undertaking international degrees in a borderless Europe;
  • provide a wide range of attractive courses for foreign students in English language,which are not available in each country e.g. Mountain Forestry, Forest Policy, Tropical Forestry;
  • all partners have ECTS in their institutions, which is the basis for mobility actions;
  • support and foster joint degree programs in forestry sciences (e.g. master, PhD) and international co-supervising/co-tutelle of master or PhD thesis.

More information about the network available online at: http://www.ceepus.info/public/network/network_detail.aspx

General information about CEEPUS program available online at: www.ceepus.info.

The traffic mobility of incoming and outgoing students and teachers at the and from the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering – Brasov, by academic year and mobility type is presented below.

Table 1 Number of incoming/outgoing students and teachers

Academic year Incoming Outgoing
Students Teachers Students Teachers
2009-2010 - 2 1 -
2010-2011 5 1 3 -
2011-2012 1 - 2 -
2012-2013 - 1 1 -
2013-2014 3 1 5 -
2014-2015 - - 7


 2015-2016  -  1  4 1
TOTAL 9 6 23 1

For applying, the students and the teachers must first set-up an account on www.ceepus.info. There are two different types of applications: CEEPUS Network Mobility and CEEPUS Freemover Application. Network mobility are students andteachers exchanged among the partner institutions of a network. Freemovers are students and teachersthat want to be exchanged outside a network. PLEASE NOTE that with CEEPUS thereare much better chances to receive a grant as network mobility. Freemoverscan only be served if there are months "left over" by the network.However, when the calls for applications in networkmobility are closed, or when there are no incoming/outgoing monthsavailable for a partner in the network, only freemover applications are possible.


 Prof.Dr.Eng. Stelian Alexandru BORZ

CEEPUS Coordinator



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