Full-time Education


 Programme of Study Curriculum  Syllabus
  Engineering Sciences   
  Motor Vehicles and Future Technologies  Syllabus
  Virtual engineering in automotive design (in english)  
  Road Safety, Transport and Interaction With the Environment  Syllabus
  Mechatronic Systems for Industry and Medicine  
  Sustainable Product Design and Environment  
  Computer Science for Virtual Environments  
  Innovative Manufacturing Engineering  Syllabus
  Occupational Safety and Health Engineering   Syllabus
  Engineering and Management of Advanced Metallic, Ceramic and Composite Materials  Syllabus
  Welding Engineering of Advanced Materials  Syllabus
  Quality Management  Syllabus
  Management of Industrial Business
  Advanced Electrical Systems (taught in English)  Syllabus
  Electronics and Communications Integrated Systems  Syllabus
  Advanced Systems in Automation and Information Technologies  Syllabus
  Eco-Design of Furniture and Restoration  Syllabus
  Advanced Wood Structures and Innovative Technologies  Syllabus
  Energy Upgrading  for the Built Environment  
  Management and Technical Systems in Forest Engineering  Syllabus
  Forest Ecosystem Management  Syllabus
  Agricultural and Food Eco-Biotechnologies  
  The Development and the Optimization of Technical and Technological Systems of Food and Tourism  
  Mathematics and Natural Sciences  
  Fundamental Mathematical Structures  Syllabus
  Internet Technologies (in English)  
  Computer Science Technologies  
  Modern Software Systems Engineering  Syllabus
  Social Sciences  
  Marketing Policies and Strategies  Syllabus
  Business Administration in Tourism  Syllabus
  Management and Business Strategy  Syllabus
  Business Administration  Syllabus
  International Business  Syllabus
  Financial and Banking Management  Syllabus
  Accounting Policies, Audit  and Management Control  Syllabus
  Business Information Systems  Syllabus
  Internal Audit  
  Community Assistance and Development  Syllabus
  Branding Campaign Management  Syllabus
  Human Resources Management and Development  
  Human Resources in Education. Training and Management  
  School Counseling and Human Resources in Organization  
  Educational Psychology, School and Vocational Counseling  Syllabus
  Work Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Human Resources Management  Syllabus
  Community Legislation and Legal Career  
  Advanced Private Law  
  Systems and Institutions of International and Community Law  
  Advanced Criminal Sciences   
  Psycho-Body Motion Diagnosis and Prognosis  
  Physical Education - The Management of Formal, Nonformal and Health Recovery Activities  
  Performance and Management in Sports  
  Humanities and Arts  
  Cultural Innovation  Syllabus
  Language Studies for Intercultural Communication (in English)  Syllabus
  Studies of Romanian Language and Literature  Syllabus
  Translation and Interpretation from French into Romanian (in French)  Syllabus
  Crosscultural Studies of German Language and Literature (in German)  Syllabus
  Master of Music-Style and Performance in Instrumental/Vocal Interpretation  Syllabus
  Master in Music Pedagogy - Compositional Techniques and Musical Art in the 20th Century  Syllabus
  Biological and Biomedical Sciences  
  Management of Nosocomial Infections  
  Management of Preventive Strategies and Health Policies  
  Palliative Care Management and Strategies